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Professional Quality Forming

Acrylics and poylcarbonates 

  • Windshields with Prime Viewing Area specifications
  • Windows
  • Site inspection
  • Custom applications 

Rapid Mold Fabrication

Proto-type, Short run, Multiples and High Volume Production.

  • MDF
  • Fiberglass
  • Metal

Single, Custom and Long Run Production

Yes we can help the hobbiest and entrepreneur!

  • Our yearly production can be in the 10,000's    

Quality Control of Materials

From vendor supply, processes, and handling to END PRODUCT, we can ensure...

  • Certification.
  • Proper storage and handling.
  •  Required Inspection.
  • Quality Control.
  • Proper ON TIME shipment and delivery.


Additional Information

All acrylic and fiberglass shown above have been manufactured by Haanah Co.

  • Windshields.
  • Windows and door assemblies.
  • Headlight assembly bezel.
  • Chins (lower front nose).
  • Center instrument console.